Paid Internships

The Arts Amplifier offers short, paid internships through the year for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in the Faculty of Arts. We typically advertise these opportunities to our mailing list and host a Q&A session with the hiring organization to give interested students an opportunity to meet their potential employer and ask questions.

Paid internships can include work like:

  • Performing a literature review and collecting data to support the health and wellbeing of people in a marginalized community
  • Analyzing information related to youth climate change advocacy
  • Running surveys related to the health and wellbeing of student employees
  • Investigating the impact of not-for-profits on community resilience and sustainability

Eligibility Requirements

Arts Amplifier paid internships are open to MA, MFA and PhD students in the UBC Faculty of Arts, unless otherwise specified.

Please check out the UBC Arts Co-op Program to see if your degree program has a Co-op option.

Job Application Resources

Applications for the Arts Amplifier Paid Internships require a 2-page non-academic resume and a 1-page cover letter. We encourage you to review the Job Application Resources as you craft your application materials.

We’re happy to support you on a first-come first-serve basis with providing feedback on your resume and cover letter, you can email your documents to

Want to design your own paid internship?

We can help you connect with potential employers and apply for external funding to subsidize your work experience. If you’re designing your own paid internship experience, please fill out the “Get Support” Form.