About Us



The UBC Arts Amplifier welcomes, respects, and includes people with multiple and diverse backgrounds and identities, and seeks partnerships with workplaces that empower all members of the community.

What We Do

The Arts Amplifier is designed to help UBC Arts graduate students and postdoctoral fellows turn their ideas and projects into meaningful work experiences. We want you to leverage your own networks and co-develop with off-campus partners your own work and professional development experiences.

At the Arts Amplifier, we know that local not-for-profits and other organizations have needs that grad students and postdocs can fulfill – needs for research support, data collection and analysis, communications, instructional design, and on and on.

But your strengths and your interests are as unique as your dissertation topics.

Our goal is to help you to tap into the hidden job market, using networking and collaboration to design projects tailored to you, specifically. And our grants editor can help you to apply for funding so that you are appropriately compensated for your time and expertise.

We provide supports & services for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the Faculty of Arts, including:

  • career coaching
  • project or internship brainstorming
  • support in connecting with potential partners & off-campus collaborators
  • support in applying to UBC Arts Graduate Co-op
  • editing for arts, cultural, social impact or community grant funding
  • advising on project planning and budget development
  • coaching in project management
  • feedback on business and not-for-profit plans
  • advising for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners
  • advice for transitioning into the non-academic job market
  • resume and cover letter review
  • preparation for non-academic job interviews
  • on demand training in community engagement, knowledge exchange and grant-seeking
  • events for prospective freelancers, entrepreneurs, and educators

Our Partners

The Arts Amplifier is a pilot project under the UBC Arts Co-operative Education Program.

We’re grateful for the support of our on-campus partners:

Our Roots

The Arts Amplifier supports a number of Research Excellence, Transformative Learning, and Local & Global Engagement strategies identified in UBC Arts’ Strategic Plan, including Strategy 1: Research Culture; Strategy 3: Knowledge Mobilization; Strategy 4: Experiential and Practical Learning; Strategy 8: Public Relevance; and Strategy 12: Community Engagement.

Additionally, we align with the Research Excellence, Transformative Learning, and Local and Global Engagement strategies identified in UBC’s Strategic Plan, including Strategy 8: Student Research; Strategy 9: Knowledge Exchange; Strategy 10: Research Culture; Strategy 13: Practical Learning; Strategy 15: Student Experience; and Strategy 20: Coordinated Engagement.

The Arts Amplifier’s pilot year is funded through the support of the BC Ministry of Advanced Education.