Our Team

Letitia Henville, PhD

Manager, Graduate Work-Integrated Learning Programs, Arts


I hold a PhD in English Literature from the University of Toronto, and, outside of my work at UBC, I am a part-time writer, editor, teaching, and entrepreneur. I founded and started up the Arts Amplifier, where I design, oversee, evaluate, and iteratively develop our supports and services. I coach students, review and advise on job application materials, host Q&As and events, check-in with students on work experiences, meet with employers and community partners, support the grant coordinator’s reviews, chat with faculty members, and write funding applications for new initiatives.

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We Knew Them When

William Atkinson, MSc

Project Coordinator, 2021-22

Annika Rosanowski, PhD

Grants Coordinator, 2021-22

Carolyn Veldstra, PhD

Grants Coordinator, 2020-22


Nicola Smith

Marketing and Communications Co-op, 2021-22

Kathy Ma

Project Coordinator

August 2020 – August 2021

I established the foundational systems and processes for the Arts Amplifier including administration, finances, events, website, data collection, recordkeeping, and the program offerings including our paid internships, self-directed projects, and more. I also engaged with various stakeholders including UBC colleagues and community partners in developing opportunities for our grad students and postdocs.

What They’re Doing Now

As a Co-op Coordinator, I support Arts co-op students, mainly undergraduate, and employers in job preparation along with workplace support. This includes career coaching, educational development, recruitment, and supporting students throughout their co-op journey.

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Chandima Silva

Graduate Events Assistant Work  Learn

September 2021 – January 2022

I supported the development and facilitation of meaningful events for Arts graduate students seeking to action their ideas into projects.

What They’re Doing Now

I am working on Master of Arts in Planning student with the School of Community and Regional Planning, studying  migration and housing policy and planning.

Kimberly Miranda

Communications Assistant Co-op

January – April 2021

I crafted personalized student ‘Success Stories’ on Arts’ grad students and postdocs internships experiences and projects with the Arts Amplifier. I also developed content for and published monthly Arts Amplifier newsletters, among supporting other communications for the initiative.

What They’re Doing Now

I am currently in my third year of Bachelor of Arts at UBC with a Major in International Relations. As a continuing co-op student, I hope to pursue future work in the higher education field and further enhance my skillset in communications and marketing.

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Amanda Newlands

Peer Support Advisor

September 2020 – March 2021

I advised graduate students and postdoctoral fellows on how to start their own ventures or not-for-profit initiatives and how to implement project management best practices. My role involved 1-on-1 appointments, organizing virtual events and developing a self-paced online course to support our trainees in building their business plan.

What They’re Doing Now

As a new MBA grad, I’m moving into a new job at a tech startup in business development and marketing. I’m passionate about innovation strategy and product and service management, especially involving new technologies supporting sustainable development and shaping a better future.

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Michaela Dunn

Senior Marketing & Communications Co-op

September – December 2020

I established and implemented a digital marketing and communications plan for the Arts Amplifier. In addition, I launched the first newsletters, redesigned the website, created visual collateral for the brand, and more!

What They’re Doing Now

I am currently wrapping up my Bachelor of Arts at UBC with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Commerce. Upon graduation in May 2022, I hope to dive into agency work, where I hope to sharpen my digital marketing toolkit and further develop my competencies in this field!

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