Master of Public Policy & Global Affairs

Where Did Daniel Work?

Daniel worked as a Blockchain Analyst for Starling Labs/Hala Systems Inc.

What Did Daniel Accomplish?

Main Tasks

Over the course of summer 2020, Daniel interned at Starling Labs at Stanford University, building and deploying prototype designs to help their analysts document attacks against civilian infrastructure. Starling Labs is working to ensuring that records of violence – genocide, war crimes, and other human rights violations – can be protected against digital tampering or alteration.

Major Accomplishments

With his background in public policy and blockchain technology, Daniel was able to effectively draft and articulate the technical challenges of developing a blockchain-based forensic image verification tool and Content Management System (CMS) to an audience with no technical background.

He also had the opportunity to engage with multiple stakeholders in the humanitarian security and technology space in his internship, thus expanding his network in these domains. “Seeing the real human impact of the systems I helped to build and deploy in-field was an experience I will always look back to,” he said proudly.

In September 2020, Daniel presented his findings at a Blockchain@UBC Monthly Research Talk, titled “From UX to Justice: The Challenges of Designing On-Chain Solutions for Authenticating Evidence of War Crimes.

What Lies in the Future for Daniel?

Through this internship experience, Daniel strengthened his technical literacy and familiarity with blockchain technologies. When asked about future career paths, Daniel noted that this experience, particularly the skills he gained, opened new doors for him. “Combining my policy background with experiences in technological implementation have bolstered my qualifications for career paths requiring expertise in both areas,” he stated.

Advice for Future Students Who Hope to Gain Experience?

“I would strongly encourage students to reach out to professionals involved in projects or initiatives you are passionate about, inquiring about any opportunities for you to contribute,” he described. “Practice due diligence and demonstrate your passion.”

~ Written by Michaela Dunn

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