As a Blockchain Analyst, David effectively drafted and articulated the technical challenges of developing a blockchain-based forensic image verification tool and Content Management System (CMS).

Dave’s Postdoctoral fellowship with the Fraser Basin Council has allowed him to translate his research on resource management into practical solutions to water and landscape problems.

Veronica’s postdoctoral fellowship with UBC Department of Psychology and HealthQB allowed her to build on her psychology background and translate research into everyday solutions to health problems.

Henry’s PhD co-op experience archiving a 300-box collection of records at the Kaatza Station Musem and Archives has made significant strides in the process of reconcilation with Indigenous Peoples.

Sharon’s self-directed Arts Amplifier project, an open educational resource called “Your Friendly Neighbourhood Prof”, makes traditional academic content more centralized, engaging, and accessible to students from a range of backgrounds.

During her PhD Co-op work term as a Training Development Assistant for the UBC Knowledge Exchange (KX), Pavlina developed the foundations of a self-paced training module on using social media as a tool for the two-way exchange of knowledge between researchers and non-academics.

Matthew Smithdeal and Lily Ivanova have long been advocates in the university system to a change in how the ongoing mental health crisis is addressed. By participated in the 2021 cohort of  ‘Amplify Your Product or Service’ they were able to develop their own consultancy service, The Graduate Project. By combining their lived experiences as graduate students with the practical training and knowledge provided by ‘Amplify Your Product or Service’ they were able to translate their ideas into a much sought-after resource.