Clothes for Work

We know work clothes can get expensive.

We’ve partnered with Dress for Success Vancouver and Working Gear to give you access to their clothing services so you can feel your best during any job interviews.

Working Gear

Primarily targets men and those who prefer androgynous clothing. View Working Gear’s FAQ section to learn more about their process.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success primarily offers business clothing geared to women or those who prefer a femme aesthetic.

Referral Process

In general, these are the steps:

  1. Contact the Amplifier team through the form below
  2. Chat with an Amplifier staff member to learn about the services
  3. The Amplifier staff will schedule an appointment with Dress for Success or Working Gear on your behalf
  4. You’ll receive an email notification on next steps from Dress for Success or Working Gear:
    • You will receive an email from Dress for Success confirming your appointment and asking you to fill out a form with your measurements prior to the appointment. These measurements are confidential and only used by the boutique to select clothing options for you. Because this form is required for each appointment, we recommend you record these measurements for future appointments. Live transcribing and closed captioning are available. Dress for Success currently offers 20-min virtual appointments during which you can say yay or nay to various clothing options. Once you’ve made a selection, you will pick up your attire at the Dress for Success boutique.
    • Working Gear schedules in-person appointments during which you come in to shop their selection.


Dress for Success and Working Gear have previous experience working with gender non-conforming and transgender clients. You are welcome to choose whichever agency suits your attire needs when you talk to the Amplifier team.

Nope! These services are available to you free of charge with our referral. However, there are limits on how many times you can use the services, usually a couple times depending on the agency. For Working Gear most clients use the service once, but if it will help you to secure a job you can schedule another referral. For Dress for Success you can receive up to two outfits per year.

The only 'catch' is that you must be a grad student or postdoc that is job searching at the time you talk to us. You do not need to have interviews set up but you do need to be applying for jobs. The jobs can be temporary or contract positions as well.

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